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Orono Antique Market

6 Park Street, Orono, ON

L0B 1M0

Howes Family farm Market

1542 Sturgeon Road, Dunsford, ON K0M 1L0

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Located in two different Markets at Orono Antique Market & at Howes Family Farm Market!

We offer a variety of classes: oil painting classes for children and youth, adults and seniors. (Which some are offered in Kirby church, north of Orono and we also offer oil painting classes in Oshawa at the Home studio). Our art specialized classes are at different times of the year or month depending on availability of  students and class sign-up.

Location & Hours

We want our area in the markets to be a place that is welcoming, so come on in, and browse around! We have a couple different vendors in our area in Orono (with their own "cove") and would love to have you come and visit! We offer antiques, vintage, barn board creations, art and unique ways to use it all for your decor.

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